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FraudTech       Dedicated To Beating The Cons At Their Own Game




FraudTech's World of 
Cons, Frauds and Other Lies

Within these pages you shall be subjected to the methods used by others to make your life miserable. Unless you enjoy being lied to, deceived, or made to play the part of a fool, then there is much to be learned here.

After my retirement from the Milwaukee Police Department, where I served as a Lieutenant of Detectives within the Intelligence Division, I decided to share with others the experiences and knowledge I gained from my specialty, which was the investigation of frauds and con games. Having written four books and numerous articles on the subject, and after speaking with countless citizen and law enforcement groups, I am convinced that most people do not realize the impact fraud has on their daily lives, or how easy we have made it for others to deceive us.

This site is dedicated to every person who has experienced the frustration of being victimized once by the con artists and then again by a society who has no inkling of the utter frustration, anger, and resentment that all such victims suffer. Believing that fraud only involves the greedy, gullible, or brain-dead, is a common misconception that makes fraud the most committed, most profitable, and least understood crime in the world. Until such wrongheaded thinking is discarded, the liars of our world shall certainly continue to erode the trust that is so necessary to the survival of a civilized society.

Your input is important and will determine the life span of this site. If you have any questions, or would like to share your encounter with a con artist, fortuneteller, or other professional liar, please do so knowing that I will help provide the details that make all such scams possible. As the co-founder, and current chairman of an international law enforcement organization, Professionals Against Confidence Crime, I have access to officers, investigators, academicians, and others whose expertise on this topic cannot be surpassed. Such experts are now at your disposal.    

Update: Since my original retirement, I have spent 4 years with the U.S. Marshals Service (Security) and have since rejoined the Milwaukee Police Department where I now serve as a Police Special Services Investigator within the Departmentís Intelligence Fusion Center.


Dennis M. Marlock



Please do not automatically accept anything within this site as the gospel. Question everything, check other resources, and compare what is offered with your own findings. By making it a habit of checking everything that appears on the Internet before accepting it as fact, you will go a long way towards reducing the many hoaxes, scams, misinformation and sheer nonsense that now permeates the web.  

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